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11 Retail innovations

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Ebeltoft Group has been chasing and cataloguing innovative retail concepts across the globe for 11 years. The discoveries are exciting and inspirational, thanks to the creativity and diversity of innovation. But, it also serves as a warning: The pace of innovation needs to accelerate even more. Most retailers are simply moving too slowly, particularly the larger, entrenched retail companies.

In fact, customers are changing at a faster pace than retailers. Just look at the rapid spread of digitalintensive behaviors, or at the ever-deeper, more direct, more horizontal relationships with brands. Retail UFOs like Kiko, Primark, Amazon, Alibaba and the Apple Store remind us that it is possible to change traditional retail through amazingly radical business models.

Retail Innovations 11 brings optimism to the table. The pace at which old models are being reinvented is accelerating, macro-economic perspectives are a little more positive and most retailers acknowledge they have simply no choice but to innovate - or risk obsolescence. The 26 member companies of Ebeltoft Group witness this through consulting projects across all regions, formats and industries: retailers are racing to create new formats, invent new added values and explore new frontiers.

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